Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Big Announcement

And no Baby K #2 isn't here yet! :) 

The last few months have went by in a blur. We have lots of changes in our life right now. And those changes have taken my attention for some time. 

One of those changes is a re-do on this old blog site. I have been blogging for a little over four years now. And, I actually had to go look that up. Sometimes time just seems to fly in the blogging world!

Anyway, the last four years I have watched my blog grow and take me so many places. I have added sponsors and various speaking engagements here and there. 

But, more importantly, I have reached so many people! I have talked to moms about food and farming. I have shared some of my family's favorite recipes. And I have shared the laughter and tears of our infertility story with so many of you (Thank you, thank you for those of you who reach out to me and contact me- I enjoy our relationships!)

I have enjoyed where this blog has taken me and can't wait to see what the future holds for it! 

With that being said, I am happy to announce a big move for Stories Of A First Generation Farm Wife. A whole new look for you. And a whole new behind the scenes learning process for me! 

Things should stay the same for you, but please bear with me as I work with my designer on moving things around. We have been working hard on the new look for this blog and my attention has been focused on that, but I hope to get back into a more regular blogging pattern...well, until Baby makes a debut...then I imagine I will be working to find a whole new normal. 

Happy Tuesday Everybody! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Corn Casserole Yumminess

I don't know about you, but I love easy side dishes. I also love warm dishes in the cold of winter. And I love dishes you simply prepare and pop in the oven and wait for the timer to go off (I mean, who doesn't?!).

Which is why my 'go-to' side dish is always corn casserole. Well, that and I am often times asked to bring this side dish to family gatherings. 

It's super simple and goes great with any main dish. We actually love it with turkey, ham, or beef. But, I sometimes serve it with beef enchiladas. I don't know why, but corn with a Mexican dish always sounds just right!

My grams shared this recipe with me years ago and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1 box Jiffy corn mix
1 can cream of corn
1 can whole kernel corn (drained)
8 ox. of sour cream
2 eggs
1 stick of butter

Preheat the over to 350. Mix everything but the butter together. Pour into a 9x13 dish. Thinly slice the butter and place on top of the casserole. Bake in the oven for about 60 minutes. Look for a golden brown finish along the edge when it's all finished. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sensory Saturdays: A Little Love

I wanted to share another sensory tubs, it seems as though you all enjoy them. Maybe as much as I enjoy putting them together!

My Dad recently gave me two huge bags of oatmeal, and I do mean huge. I divided them all out in gallon Ziploc bags passed some out to family and put the rest in my deep freeze. But, I kept one out because I realized after digging my hands into the oatmeal it would be a really awesome sensory base! 

Elliette totally agreed!

So, with her watching over me I built her a new sensory bin and decided to go with a Valentine's Day theme because we had just pulled out our Valentine's decor and Ellie was getting excited about the various crafts and Valentine's we could make. 

If I were selling this one, as I have sold a few others, I would consider dyeing the oatmeal. But, because it's my girl and she was super duper anxious about playing in the oatmeal I decided not to mess with the process of dyeing the oats. 

A lot of the things in this bin are all things I grabbed from our already overflowing sensory supplies. Ellie's favorites so far have been the funnel and the chopsticks. She also really enjoys the "jingle bells" that I added. 

This bin kept her busy for well over an hour and she really only stopped because Daddy was home and it was time for supper! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Planning My Garden

It's finally that time of the year for me. The holiday rush is finally over and now the cold winter months have really set in. 

A few weeks ago it was a -35 degree windchill day. I mean seriously....

Anyway, typically when it's this warm (ha,ha!) out we spend time working on projects in the house or my hubby fires up his heater in his workshop and starts messing around out there. 

By the end of January, beginning of February, I am typically bringing out my garden plans for previous years and browsing my seed catalogs that come in the mail. 

I know it's super early, but it's nice to have something to do on a cold winter's night when it's frigid outside and I am missing the crisp lettuce salads from my garden. 

This year I have a bit more planning to do because I seem to have inherited two huge boxes of mason jars. I am going to bet there are at least 200 of them. And you add those to my collection of jars...well, I have plenty of jars for canning. 

Which is actually really awesome! I love canning, but I hate when I run short on jars and have to run to the grocery store to buy more- or sometimes in my case start grabbing all my decorative ones up to wash. Now, I am set for quite some time!

The problem I ran into was the fact that I had all these jars, but my canning "area" in our laundry room was a small cupboard and it was already as full as things could get. 

I got on Pinterest and starting looking for various ways to store canning jars, but before I even had a chance to show my farmer he was drawing up plans of his own and then before I knew it he was building a nice sturdy shelf for all my empty jars. He built it extra sturdy too so that I could store all my canned goods once I get done canning! 

As farmers we do our best to be sustainable and we take pride in that. As a mom and wife I find a lot of satisfaction in growing my garden all summer long and then enjoying my harvest during the winter months. 

This summer I imagine my canning season may not be perfect with the new baby around. But, I know that this is something that I will love for years to come. 

I think it's the perfect addition to our furnace room downstairs and will offer me, what I hope, is more than enough storage for my canning goods.

How do you store your garden foods for the winter? And are you as excited as I am about the gardening season?!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

It's hard to believe my little goose isn't so little anymore.

Almost three. 
Almost potty trained. 
Excited for preschool this Fall. 
Makes you laugh with her every word. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Top Four Of 2014

I love this time of year!

And I love the start of the New Year. It's a really great time to reflect on the previous year. Reflect on highs and lows. Offer forgiveness you haven't quite been able to give yet. And turn to a blank page in a new calendar and start the year off with a bang! 

I love sitting and taking the time to reflect on my blogging year too. 

It's safe to say that I didn't have nearly as many posts as I have had in previous years- but it's also safe to say that I have some really, really memorable posts this year. 

In previous years my top posts have been very agriculture related. Or food related. Or farm related. 

I always wait until the end of the year before I sneak a peak at what my top posts are and this year it was really surprising. 

My top posts this year were my infertility posts

Our journey with IVF has reached more people than I have really imagined they ever would. The outpouring of love and support were amazing to have from complete strangers, and now friends. And the appreciation from all of you on sharing my story was amazing. 

So, if you missed those posts at all..

My top posts of 2014 are listed below.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Christmas Update

Well, I did my blog post for Farming at Christmas on Monday. And, I wanted to share what 2014's Christmas looked like this year. 

And let me tell you, it was perfect!

First we had cuddles. Then we had cinnamon rolls. Then we had a scavenger hunt. And then we opened presents. 

Once the excitement wore off a tiny bit from all the presents my farmer and I spent the morning in the kitchen making a Christmas meal together. We fried a turkey and had a few side dishes and then spent the afternoon playing with new presents (my new guns!) and napping. 

It was a really great day! 

Here are a few pictures from our Holidays this year. 

Our Thanksgiving/Christmas trip to Indiana this year was lots of fun and actually very relaxing! The driving wasn't too terrible for this pregnant momma, which was a real blessing!

I wasn't quite fast enough to get a picture of our Blessings Tree this year before we had little hands tearing off some of our blessings! But, that's okay. Ellie still had fun doing our tree this year!
Having lots of fun at Pop Pop's shop 

Opening Christmas presents at Mamaw's
Watching Tom and Jerry with my little sisters
Goodbye Hugs

We celebrated Christmas with our farming family and then we spent Christmas Eve at church and Christmas Day just the three of us! It was special!

My little color bug
She loved her pretty Christmas dress from Grandma and insisted on wearing it to sleep in too!

Someone loved all the pretty candles at church, but didn't really like Mommy's singing! 

One of her favorite gifts from Daddy was her new tool box. I swear we aren't crazy, but one of her favorite things to do is pull out my tools and help Daddy with projects. So, Daddy bought her some of her own to help "work on" stuff.

It's safe to say this baby girl loved Christmas!