Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion On The Farm- Jeans

I am not sure when the moment was.

You know, the moment I decided Wranglers would forever be my go to jeans? I mean who doesn't love a good fitting pair of Wranglers. And for those of you thinking high waist..that is a thing of the past. Wrangler jeans in the last few years have been developed to fit like a good pair of designer jeans.

And I think I have tried just about every single pair of them that they have came out with. I have gone in phases in which jeans are my current favorite.

At this particular moment I have decided my current favorite is their Rock 47 line. Perfect for farm jeans when they are all worn out and perfect for a date night out.

My husband and his brothers are only Wrangler jean wearers. And personally, I don't think a man can get any better looking than my husband in his nice going out Wranglers. (Well, really any pair of Wranglers since I love his farm ones too!)

Wranglers are worn around here for going out, staying in, working, and even weddings. Yep, even those. When my husband said that he wanted to wear Wranglers to our wedding I didn't even hesitate to say "Absolutely".

Even a game of baseball on a slow Saturday.

But, most importantly their durability on the farm. These jeans will hold up much longer than your average pair of jeans and with guys constantly getting them dirty, gritty, and torn it's impressive they can last as long as they do!

Anyway, back to my love of Wranglers. They have been the  perfect jean for me, on and off the farm. I can definitely see me going right back to them after my pregnancy too!

Wrangler was kind enough to send me a pair of their Rock 47 jeans. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Check them out for yourself at Wrangler. I actually wore them through part of my pregnancy (as you can see in this picture) with a bella band and they looked great!

If you would like to win a pair of Wrangler Women's Jeans, then head over to and sign up!

While Wrangler did provide me with a pair of jeans to review for this blog the thoughts, opinions and pictures shared here are my own.


  1. I have never tried the womnen's line for wrangler - they look great on you. The boyfriend loves his wranglers and they really do last forever!! I will have to try the women's line.

    1. Ohh Yes Sarah! Definitely try the women's line. There is a style for every size! I swear no matter what I can always find a pair that I just feel great in!

  2. I'm going to have to try them too. My shape is constantly changing, but I'm game to find a good pair of jeans. My husband is a Wrangler man because Levi doesn't make them in 38 length or at least not so that you can find them with any ease. You go girl!

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