Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Busy Off The Farm

Life has been busy on and off the farm these days. The last few weeks we have had a few weddings and a birthday party. And two of those weddings were a few hours away from us. But, it's safe to say that Elliette has turned into the dancing queen. She loves, and I do mean loves, wedding dances we have found out. 

In between wedding weekends we spent the last couple of week trying to cut, rake, chop, or bale hay in between rain showers. It seems that every time you think you want to go outside and get something done on a cloudy day it starts sprinkling rain again. 

We bailed our pasture into square bales for my cows and the entire evening we were doing it the only picture I snapped was this one. 

Well, really about three versions of this one. But, I love how happy Elliette is in this one. 

My symptoms with IVF have seemed to decreased some. The nausea has really gotten to me the last week or so. I've started decreasing what I eat at meals and aiming for smaller meals most of the day. But, that hasn't helped very much. I even resorted to my peanut butter sandwiches and sipping on coke that helped so much when I was pregnant with Elliette. And that didn't help at all either. I seriously hate when my stomach hurts it makes doing anything just that more difficult. It isn't so bad if it's part of the day or even a few days at a time. But, all day, every day. That is really not easy. And it seems that my doctors have pretty much exhausted their techniques for anti-nasuea medicine. 

But, the best part is when I tell Ellie that my belly hurts she says "Sorry Mommy" and she kisses it to make it feel better. 

I love being a farm wife. But, being a mommy pretty much rocks!

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  1. Love the family picture! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Need to catch up sometime!